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Jim Adkins
Jim Adkins sings and plays guitar for Arizona-based rock group Jimmy Eat World.

REASON 91: I do not believe that suffering in America is a result of people not applying themselves.

I’m not sure I could give an argument to reelect President Obama that hasn’t been better presented by another one of the 90 Reasons. I have read almost all of them. There are compelling personal testimonials, convincing data, and Reggie Watts (who compels his own category). But one thing has stuck out and bothered me as the general election campaigns have progressed: the framing of the election as a choice between two very different Americas.

My kids play with neighbors I have known for years. They come from all kinds of political leanings. Once you are actually talking with someone, you would be surprised how much you have in common. The my-side-your-side-shtick fades away, and you can find common ground and build friendships. Perhaps you share such basic interests as breathing clean air, or providing the next generation with opportunity.

I am saddened that so many people seem to have bought into divisive politics. When you get down to it, can you really say that supporting same-sex marriage equality isn’t the right thing to do? How is it wrong to give people who love each other the right to have their relationship recognized by our society, just like any other tax-paying United States citizen? Why is that a socially “liberal” position?

I am saddened by the argument that suffering in America is a result of people not applying themselves. I just can’t subscribe to the Ayn Rand-ian utopian society being appropriated by self-proclaimed conservatives today. It’s a society that has little room for the notion of true charity. If Rand were around today I bet she would be horrified by how many people publicly invoke her philosophy to pass off their sheer greed.

I believe President Obama cares about Americans and the generations of Americans yet-to-be. I believe he acts on the facts before him with reasoned consideration for those who are suffering. I see a vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket as a vote for a system of trickle-down compassion. But it is a false compassion that is passed off under the laughable premise of getting government out of the way for super-rich, nameless, and faceless “job creators.”

It isn’t much longer before the election. If you are reading this now, then you have probably already made up your mind on your vote for November 6. You may have voted already by mail, as a lot of us do here in Arizona. If you have, I congratulate you on fighting voter apathy—no matter how you voted.

I am hesitant to have this framed as how I think others should vote. I wrote this because I wanted to say what I believe. I voted to reelect President Obama.

Jim Adkins
 Phoenix, Arizona

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